Wee Puzzles

Press Kit

What is Wee Puzzles?

A drag and drop puzzle game for kids, containing 50 puzzles with various themes including pirates, dinosaurs, trains, rockets, submarines, flowers, farm animals and more.

Play on the new Apple TV

Kids can now construct puzzles on the new Apple TV. Containing all 50 puzzles from the iOS version, Wee Puzzles for Apple TV uses the new Apple Remote to drag pieces into position. Wee Puzzles has been available since the launch of the Apple TV App Store.

Shape recognition & motor skills

With countless shapes and varying difficulty levels, kids will learn to match shapes and work on their motor skills with Wee Puzzles. They’ll then be rewarded with a fun animation once they’ve completed the puzzle.

Who's it for?

Aimed at kids aged between 2-5 years old, Wee Puzzles is text-free so even the youngest kids can play intuitively.


Pricing and Availability

Available from September 30th 2015.


Designed for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch & Apple TV. Requires iOS8 or newer.

Special, free Christmas edition

This Christmas we'll be releasing a special free version of Wee Puzzles containing puzzles with Santa Claus, his workshop, snowmen, Christmas trees, reindeer and much more. Some of the puzzles in this edition now have different ending animations so you can complete the puzzle dozens of times and always receive a different Christmas present. Available from November 26th 2015.

Special, free Halloween edition

We've also created a free version of the Wee Puzzles app especially for Halloween, containing puzzles with witches, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, pumpkins and more. Available from October 6th 2015.

About Wee Taps

Our goal is to make fun, high quality apps with creative and educational value for kids. We want kids to be able to play safely without parents worrying about in-app purchases or third party advertising. Instead, they should be concentrating on having fun!

Wee Taps are a Belgium based duo whose kids games include Wee Puzzles, Moon Tunes, Wee Rockets, Wee Subs & Sleepasaurus.

Paddy Donnelly - Illustrator & Designer

Originally from Ireland and now living in Belgium, Paddy has over 10 years experience illustrating and designing for the likes of Foursquare, Sony, Sanoma, SpaceInch, Brewbot, Mobile Vikings, dConstruct & Perch. Nowadays Paddy gets to make a living drawing dinosaurs and his 5 year old self is very happy about this.

Alain Hufkens - Developer

Father of two young boys, Alain has developed apps for Studio 100, Ketnet, Blokken, Zapp Live & Sanoma, however creating apps for his own kids gives him the greatest satisfaction. Having two expert product testers at home is great, as we can learn the correct colour a T-Rex and which train engines are best.

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